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For Creative Business Owners looking to dramatically increase sales and profit, free up their time, and create more fulfillment with their work.

CEOs of creative businesses are already working too many hours, getting pulled into the day-to-day, and barely have time to sit down and listen to their favorite podcast, let alone build out the systems that they need to run their business.The Craftsman System is a done-for-you service where we come into your business and build out the systems you need - content, advertising, lead generation, email marketing, sales, operations, and your product ecosystem.You'll have these systems in place in weeks, not years, and be positioned to grow your revenue, run your business with more confidence, and free up your time to work on the business, rather than in the business.Learn which systems you need help with by taking our free scorecard:



A group of artists, creators, entrepreneurs, coaches, and founders using a proven system to build and grow their businesses.Inside the Society you'll find accountability, coaching, courses, and events all aimed to help you build a bespoke creative business.You don't have to build your business alone.



Each week we highlight three ideas that you can directly apply to your business as a creative entrepreneur.Improve your mindset, sales, marketing, email strategy, systems thinking, audience growth, your product ecosystem, and more.

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Weekly guidance in your inbox on how to build and grow your creative business.Delivered every Monday afternoon, you'll get a specific principle you can apply to your business, links to help you grow, and updates on how Craftsman Creative can help your business.



The Craftsman Creative book outlines the mindset, principles, and strategies to grow your creative business from five to six figures per year in revenue.


How can a film producer help you with business strategy?I've been a creative professional since 2006 when I started my first business doing post-production sound for film & tv.From 2008 to 2017 I ran a boutique video production company, working with brands like BBC, ITV Global, Salesforce, Comcast, CBS Sports, and traveling the world doing video and sound.In 2018 I branched off to be a full-time film and tv producer. My first contract was with Relative Race, a show on BYUTV. I was a senior producer on the show for four seasons, and during that time I produced tv pilots, short films, and documentary projects.I produced my first feature film, What Comes Around with Amy Redford and Eden Wurmfeld in spring of 2021, and two more in 2022, Give Me Your Eyes and The Carpenter.Independent films are like small businesses on steroids. You are given a $1-2 million budget, and in a matter of about six months you hire 30-150 people including cast and crew, spend a month together filming the movie, and then a few months in editing and post production, all with the goal of turning a profit in 12-18 months.You're responsible for everything from product strategy, to marketing and distribution, operations, HR, legal, and more.I started Craftsman Creative in 2020 to help creators who were suffering with the shutdowns of the pandemic. It started with online courses, then expanded to content like the newsletter, podcast, and a book, and now serves creative entrepreneurs with the community and consulting packages.With Craftsman Creative you get a complete business strategy, over 16 years of experience, and a deep desire to help more creators make a (great) living doing what they love.


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